The Art of Player Agency in Horror RPGs

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The Essence of Player Agency in Horror

Player agency stands as a cornerstone in any rpg game, and nowhere is it more important than in horror RPGs. Horror narratives inherently evoke feelings of vulnerability and helplessness. However, for a truly immersive experience, players must feel empowered and retain the agency for impactful decisions. How do you balance these two seemingly opposed goals?

Crafting Choice in Dire Situations

Imagine a harrowing scene where players cornered by a monstrous creature. To give them a sense of control, you must always infuse the scene with choices. Provide tools, resources, and environmental elements for players to harness. These aren’t just for survival, but also to shape the scene in unexpected ways. By giving players elements they can manipulate it amplifies their their creative freedom, often leading to pivotal game-changing moments.

Exploration and Interaction: Amplifying Agency

Horror games often emphasize investigation and exploration. You can enhance player agency in horror RPGs through their interactions with the game world. Offer opportunities to scrutinize surroundings, discover concealed clues, or pry secrets from guarded NPCs. These discoveries empower players, granting them control in the moment. This holds true even when larger challenges work against them.

Embracing Non-Linear Narratives

The most memorable game sessions tend to defy linear narratives. Having a set of elements in the scene that the players can discover and manipulate allows them to navigate the scene in unexpected ways. Embracing non-linear storytelling allows player choices to drive the game, making it dynamic and unpredictable. This approach is perfect for horror games, especially if the player choices lead them to the horror, rather than it being thrust upon them.

Consequences: Bringing Choices to Life

What is choice without consequence? Player decisions, whether made boldly or out of fear, should always impact the game world. The game world must respond to player actions, both positively and negatively. This keeps characters at the drama’s core. This also reaffirms the significance of every choice they make, and centers the game on their experience, rather than some overarching narrative. Always anticipate the story’s response to player actions, weaving their choices seamlessly into the narrative as it unfolds.


By combining impactful choices, exploration, non-linear storytelling, and real consequences, you enhance player agency in your sessions. Keep your players invested in how each scene plays out, and every twist in the plot will have greater impact.

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