Twisted Tales: Week 2 of Morktober

In Week 1 of Morktober we’ve seen eerie forests where trees bleed, cunning talismans with a treacherous twist, and so much more, all inspired by the prompts presented by Exeunt Press. As we wade into the murky depths of Week 2, anticipate a fresh wave of unsettling revelations, sinister artefacts, and perhaps, a few forays into the most treacherous terrains of the mind.

Second set of 7 prompts for Morktober

8: Blight

The Blightmother

Oozing from the forgotten recesses of Blackwood Forest, she is the festering embodiment of decay and decline, an abominable deity who thrives on the withering of life. Her grotesque form is a mélange of decaying fauna with fungi sprouting from putrescent flesh. The very earth beneath her blisters beneath her every step.

HP 20   Morale 12   Armor of Rot -1d4   Decaying Touch 1d6   Special: Violent Rot. Test Toughness DR 16 or rapidly decay, permanently taking a -2 to Toughness.

9: Eldritch

Cyclopean Cane

The cane, forged from ancient wood, pulsates with otherworldly energy. It is crowned by an unblinking, azure eldritch eye. Said to witness universal truths, it can pierce illusions and amplify the potency of dark rituals, though its vast knowledge threatens to erode a wielder’s tenuous grip on sanity.

DR-2 for dark rituals. Once daily, reveal an illusion or truth by testing Presence DR 12. On a fail, suffer temporary insanity for 1d6 hours.

10: Bane


The cold steel thrives on enmity. With every whisper of malice, every curse, and every glare of hatred towards its wielder, the sword’s edge sharpens, eager to exact revenge on those who despise its owner.

1d4 damage, increases to 1d6 when directly confronted by an enemy who harbours ill will towards the user. If an adversary vocalizes their hatred or intent to harm the wielder, the blade temporarily does maximum damage on its next strike. This effect lasts one turn.

11: Sacrifice

Saint’s Bone Dagger

Forged from the femur of a saint turned heretic, this dagger is steeped in tales of heresy and dark worship. Eldritch scripts tell of its unmatched prowess in blasphemous rites; whispers say it can thread the veil between mortals and dead gods.

1d4; but against the sanctified or holy, its heretical origins awaken, dealing 1d6 damage. In profane rituals, users gain momentary dark boons (GM’s discretion).

12: Fish

The Leviathan’s Eye

Plucked from the abyssal depths, this shimmering gem, iridescent with shades of the deepest blue, is said to be forged from the scales of an ageless sea titan. Holding it, one can command the waves, summon tempests, or calm the fiercest storms.

The weight of the gem is not just its physical heft but the pact it silently forms. Over time, its possessor feels an inexorable pull to the ocean’s crushing depths, hearing siren calls of servitude to the very monster from whence the gem came.

13: Mushroom

Circles of the Damned

In the very heart of Blackwood Forest, where trees cry blood and shadows dance, an ominous spectacle occasionally arises: deep crimson mushrooms arranged in perfect circles. Elders mutter that these rings bear witness to the forbidden rites of the damned or the wicked merriment of dark fae. When the midnight bell tolls, these rings transform into gaping doorways, leading to realms so eldritch and foreign that to tread upon them means flirting with madness, forever altering those who cross.

14: Hex


Amidst bustling bazaars and crowded squares, an old, hooded woman sometimes appears and offers talismans, each shimmering with a promise to amplify one’s strengths. But the Hexbearer’s gifts are not without price. Each talisman grants a +2 boost to one attribute of the wearer’s choice. However, another attribute (selected by the GM) weakens, an reduces by -2. The Hexbearer aims to teach mortals the price of imbalance, challenging them to confront their weaknesses head-on.

Inspiring Reading

Feeling a spark from these Morktober prompts? Allow me to spotlight a gem you might appreciate: Strange Citizens of the City by Phillip Reed Games. This zine is a trove of uncanny inhabitants and their tales, awaiting their chance to find a place in your Mörk Borg campaign. Dark alleys need dark denizens, right?

Be sure to check out the hashtag #mörktober on social media platforms. Marvel, or perhaps shudder, at what others are crafting in this macabre month. Also don’t forget to share your own creations and include the #mörktober hashtag.

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