The Abyss Beckons: Week 4 of Morktober

As the days grow shorter and the veil between worlds grows thinner, we find ourselves in the thick of Morktober Week 4. In Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3 we’ve journeyed through haunted landscapes, met beings of the abyss, and experienced tales that have made our blood run cold. But as with all tales of terror, the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

This week, we descend further into the heart of darkness. Week 4 presents themes that are not for the faint of heart. These stories, places, and creatures are the very essence of nightmares, distilled from the deepest fears of humanity. This week, we explore the realms that most dare not even whisper about.

Morktober prompts for Week 4

22: Musical

Dirge of the Doomed Piper

Only the bravest speak of a song not to be played. Composed by a bard driven mad by nightmarish visions, those who hear it feel the burden of inevitable doom. Legends say that the original piper first played it on a battlefield amidst a gathering storm. As the final note lingered, the sky wept blood and the land drowned. Ever since, it’s been whispered that performing this dirge invites back a fragment of that original cataclysm. Few dare to play it, and fewer still wish to hear it.

23: Rain

Ashfall Hollow

Beneath a perpetually overcast sky lies the village of Ashfall Hollow, where rain never falls. Instead, the heavens weep ash, coating the cobblestones and the roofs in heaps of grey. The air is thick with the heavy scent of smoke and char, as the ashen rain bury the down beneath the weight of destruction.

Ancient texts speak of a time long past when the village incurred the wrath of a vengeful entity. As punishment, the skies were cursed to forever rain down the remnants of the catastrophe, ensuring that none would ever forget when their hubris brought only doom.

24: Vampire

Crimson Court

Every century, the doors of a once-stately manor open to welcome a myriad of nocturnal entities – foremost among them, the ancient and insatiable vampires. Here they hold the grandest celebration, the Crimson Court.

The ballroom swells with decadence. Elegantly robed figures glide across the floor, their movements synchronized to the rhythm of an orchestra that pulses to the tempo of mortal heartbeats. The masquerade is a dark celebration of the eternal hunger that binds these creatures. To be invited is a dubious honour, for it is not you who will feast.

25: Basilisk

Serpent Scriptures

Written in venom infused ink, these pages chronicle the genesis of the Basilisk. They tell of its dominion over stone and soul, how its glare could render the vibrant landscapes barren, and how the mightiest of kingdoms became lifeless monuments to their own hubris.

It contains ceremonies to be conducted under eclipsed moons, blood offerings, and haunting chants that, if performed correctly, can awaken the cold ire of the divine beast. Many have sought these texts, but to invoke the Basilisk is to risk all for the bane or boon that follows.

26: Amulet

Whispering Talisman

Crafted from the obsidian shards of a shattered spirit totem, its ebony surface seems to drink in the surrounding light. Those who wear it around their neck can hear the ceaseless murmur of voices from epochs long past, speaking in tongues long dead.

The amulet provides an ethereal barrier that repels malevolent spectres. Those who possess the talisman walk with an unseen guard, but they also bear the weight of talisman’s trapped souls, forever whispering their eternal truths and torments.

27: Leaves

Golden Glade

The trees of this forest, ancient sentinels with bark as tough as stone, bear leaves not of green but of tarnished gold, each shimmering with a dull lustre under the dappled sunlight.

Some say these golden leaves holding the key to immortality, and to touch one is to feel the weight of centuries. But the forest guards its secrets fiercely. Many have ventured into its depths, drawn by legends of eternal life, only to vanish. Those few who return speak not of immortality but of forest’s monstrous guardians and their companions’ ends.

28: Spear

Witchwood Spear

Legend speaks of a witch, betrayed and pursued, who met her end beneath a gnarled, ancient tree. Her final curse was absorbed by the wood, from which this dark sinuous polearm was crafted. When thrown, it murmurs ancient spells, allowing it to change its trajectory mid-flight.

1d8 piercing. Once per combat, you can attempt to redirect the spear’s trajectory after a missed ranged attack. Roll a d6: on a 4-6, the spear hits its intended target. On a 1-3, it strikes the nearest ally.

Conclusion of Morktober Week 4

The end of October looms near, and with it, the grand finale of Morktober. This journey through the shadowed valleys of our imaginations has been both harrowing and exhilarating. But rest assured, the best—or should I say the worst?—is yet to come. Prepare yourselves for a conclusion that promises to outdo all that has come before.

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