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Week 5 Morktober prompts

The Grand Finale: Week 5 of Morktober

We stand now at the precipice, the culmination of our grim and haunting journey through Morktober. Each step taken over the past weeks was a descent deeper into the abyss, navigating through landscapes of fear, confronting entities born of darkness, and unearthing tales that have stirred the very core of our being. You can find all the haunting tales in Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.

This grand wrap-up is not merely a conclusion but a celebration. A celebration of the dark tales we’ve shared, the fears we’ve faced, and the macabre beauty we’ve uncovered together. Expect a few more surprises as we bid farewell to this chilling month.

Morktober prompts for Week 5

29: Gloves

Claws of the Wendigo

At first glance, these appear to be ordinary gloves, but when worn, the fingers elongate, turning into razor-sharp talons. When its wearer takes a life, an irresistible compulsion to devour the fallen ensues.

+2 bonus to unarmed strikes. You may consume the corpse of your enemy to retain 1d6 hit points. Each time you benefit from the glove’s power, roll a d6. On a 1 you are overtaken by a feral hunger, attacking friend and foe alike until sated or restrained.

30: Hunger

The Echoing Abyss

Lost amidst a cracked deserted waste lies the entrance to this pit. Its depths are filled with dense, otherworldly mists that echo with the whispers of countless souls. Stories of relics from an ancient cult have drawn many into the depths to find fortune or doom.

Spectral entities drift and float, drawn to the warmth of life, hoping to consume it and end their unending torment. At the pit’s heart is said to be an ancient altar, a monument to a god whose name has been erased by time. Some seek to rediscover its power, while the pit’s denizens seek only to satiate their hunger.

31: Pumpkins

The Gourdgraves

Where a graveyard once stood, nature has claimed back the land. By day, tombstones jut out from between thick vines and pumpkins. Come night, the land remembers the souls buried beneath these leafy tendrils.

Fuelled by the essence of the deceased, the pumpkins sprout gaping maws reveal rows of jagged teeth to consume the living. The souls trapped in the soil seek their vengeance through these nightmarish gourds. Those who venture into the Gourdgraves after dusk are likely to become yet another spirit to fuel the cycle of harvest and horror.

Final Thoughts on Morktober Week 5

The curtain falls, and Morktober draws to an end. Yet, the echoes of the tales we’ve told and the phantasms we’ve encountered will linger long in our memories. It has been an honor to be your guide on this dark odyssey, and I thank each of you who dared to journey with me.

For those whose appetites have been whetted, I invite you with eager anticipation to next year’s Morktober challenge. The shadows will grow once more, and new tales await in the darkness. Until then, nurture the ember of horror and imagination, for it will serve you well in the year to come.

And to those newly initiated, curious to delve deeper into the grim and perilous world of Mörk Borg, I present to you, How to Get Started with Mörk Borg: A Beginner’s Guide. Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in its lore or stand your ground in the face of its horrors, let darkness guide your hand.

Until our paths cross again in the shadowy realms, may your nights be dark and your tales, darker still.

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