The Best Books For Surviving the Tomb of Annihilation

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Tomb of Annihilation sends adventurers to the uncharted, treacherous jungles of Chult, a land filled with mystery and danger. An insidious death curse grips the world, tracing its malignant roots to Chult’s darkest recesses. This curse, a malevolent force that causes resurrection magic to cease to function, propels heroes into a desperate, urgent quest. They must navigate a verdant labyrinth teeming with ancient evils and forgotten ruins to find a cure before the sands of time slip away, condemning souls to an eternal demise.

The Legacy of Tomb of Annihilation

Tomb of Annihilation offers a 5th edition update to a classic D&D adventure, the Tomb of Horrors. With its perilous traps and cunning puzzles, it challenges adventurers in ways that resonate with the harrowing trials of its predecessor. It surpasses mere tribute, making Tomb of Annihilation a modern classic that blends exploration, survival, and the intrigue of a powerful curse.

This campaign is a test of survival and wit against the backdrop of Chult’s dense jungles, home to ferocious beasts, cunning traps, and the ominous specter of Acererak, the lich. The adventurers’ journey is fraught with challenges from the start, even in the deceptive calm of Port Nyanzaru.

The high stakes of the death curse, the exhilarating uncertainty of jungle exploration, and encounters with enigmatic figures drive the campaign’s narrative forward. The campaign culminates in a climactic showdown within Acererak’s lair, offering a capstone to this epic saga of heroism.

Enhancing Your Campaign

Given its complexity and depth, Tomb of Annihilation demands more than just a keen mind and a brave heart. The multifaceted nature of the campaign, with its sprawling jungles, ancient ruins, and intricate plotlines, underscores the necessity for additional resources and guides. These tools are invaluable for Dungeon Masters aiming to fully capture the essence of Chult and its myriad mysteries.

Supplementary materials serve to elevate the campaign beyond its core narrative, offering expanded lore, detailed maps, and tailored encounters that expand the experience. For DMs, these resources aid in crafting a richly woven story, ensuring that each session is as memorable as the last.

This blog post aims to guide Dungeon Masters and players through a curated selection of products designed to enrich and expand their journey through this deadly and mysterious land. Each recommended product not only complements the original campaign but also adds layers of depth to the adventure. Whether it’s through enhancing the narrative, providing new challenges, or expanding the jungles of Chult, these resources promise to make Tomb of Annihilation a more enriching and perilous journey for all involved.

Getting the Core Adventure

The best place to get Tomb of Annihilation is at your local gaming store or over on Amazon. This is the sort of adventure you probably want a physical copy for, as you may find yourself flipping through sections during the jungle exploration section.

If you prefer to keep everything virtual, you can explore Chult with the Tomb of Annihilation – Roll20 VTT version. This adaptation offers seamless integration with Roll20, bringing the rich and treacherous world of Tomb of Annihilation to life. Dungeon Masters and players alike can enjoy the convenience of digital maps, tokens, and automated features that streamline online play.

Essential Campaign Resources and Guides

A Tomb of Annihilation campaign has a unique blend of exploration, mystery, and survival. To fully capture the essence of this perilous adventure several key resources stand out. These guides are designed to expand on the core adventure, offering detailed insights, additional content, and practical support to enhance every aspect of the campaign.

  • Journey to Chult serves as the perfect primer, setting the stage for the adventure with early preparation tips and background lore. With trinkets, adventure hooks, and quests, it ensures both DMs and players are well-acquainted with the dangers and mysteries awaiting in Chult.
  • If you want a full collection of adventures, loots, monsters, and resources to complete your campaign, check out the Bundle of Annihilation. It contains everything you need to get your campaign up and running.
  • The Tomb of Annihilation Expanded BUNDLE offers a comprehensive enhancement to the core adventure, adding new dimensions to the story, encounters, and environments. It’s an invaluable asset for DMs looking to deepen the exploration and challenges within Port Nyanzaru and the ruins of Chult.
  • Complete DM’s Bundle & DM’s Resources provides a wealth of support for Dungeon Masters. With detailed maps, cheat sheets, additional adventures, and practical advice, this bundle covers everything you need for a smooth and engaging campaign.
  • For those who seek a one-stop method to running the campaign, Guide to Tomb of Annihilation & Companion offers an exhaustive look into the puzzles, challenges, and secrets of the adventure. It’s a must-have for DMs aiming to provide a memorable experience.
  • Tessa Presents 115 Maps for Tomb of Annihilation is an extensive collection of maps covering the entirety of the adventure. From the winding streets of Port Nyanzaru to the deepest chambers of the tomb itself, these maps offer a visual guide to Chult’s vast and varied landscapes, enhancing the exploration experience.

Together, these resources equip Dungeon Masters with tons of resources that can elevate Tomb of Annihilation into an unforgettable journey through the heart of darkness.

Character Options for Jungle Survival

Surviving the deadly jungles of Chult in Tomb of Annihilation requires more than just wit and bravery; it demands unique skills, backgrounds, and resources. To aid adventurers in their perilous journey, a selection of character options specifically designed for this campaign offers new opportunities for customization and survival.

  • Karniv’s Treasures of Chult is a collection of 50 magic items inspired and by the history and lore of the Chultan jungle. With weapons, wondrous items, cursed items, and sentient items, these treasures will add to the riches available in the depths of the island.
  • Raiders of the Lost Tomb provides adventurers with new backgrounds, races, and spells suited for a life of exploration in the jungles of Chult. This not only equip characters for the dangers ahead but also enrich their backstory and connection to the land.
  • The Tortle Package introduces the Tortle race, a group of humanoid turtles native to the peninsula. One Grung Above allows for Grung player characters which are frog-like humanoids that secrete poisons. Playing as a Tortle or a Grung offers players a way to experience the adventure through the eyes of a local.

Together, these character options expand the possibilities for players, allowing them to tailor their characters more closely to the challenges and stories that Tomb of Annihilation presents.

Adventurous Expansions

The jungles of Chult are ripe for exploration beyond the main quest of Tomb of Annihilation. To satisfy adventurers’ thirst for discovery, several expansions offer new dimensions to the campaign, providing fresh adventures, side quests, and challenges that can either complement the main storyline or stand on their own.

  • Cellar of Death and The Brazen Pegasus serve as introductory adventures into the main Tomb of Annihilation campaign. Cellar of Death introduces players to the death curse in a memorable way, setting the stakes high from the outset, while The Brazen Pegasus offers a seafaring route to Chult, filled with piracy and marine mysteries.
  • For those eager to delve deeper into the jungle’s heart, Jungle Treks provides a collection of encounters and adventures that highlight the diversity and peril of Chult’s environment. From navigating treacherous terrain to encountering its unique inhabitants, these expansions add layers of adventure to the campaign.
  • Mines of Chult expands the adventure’s scope by introducing new underground locations ripe for exploration. These adventures range from level 1 to 16, meaning that you have something you can drop into your campaign at any point.
  • The Lost City of Mezro and Ruins of Mezro both focus on one of Chult’s most intriguing legends. These expansions delve into the history and mysteries of Mezro, offering adventurers the chance to explore its remnants and uncover the secrets it holds. Both are written by DMs Guild Adepts alumni, meaning they are top quality.

Each of these expansions not only enriches the Tomb of Annihilation experience but also ensures that every journey into the jungles of Chult is unique, filled with its own dangers, discoveries, and stories waiting to be told.

Dynamic Encounters

To ensure your adventure remains vibrant and unpredictable, a selection of encounter supplements has been crafted to enhance the exploration of Port Nyanzaru, the perilous jungles of Chult, and even the more civilized yet no less dangerous cities. These resources are designed to enrich the campaign with a variety of thematic encounters, adding depth to both the wilderness and urban settings.

  • Encounters in Port Nyanzaru provides Dungeon Masters with 13 new encounters to bring the bustling trade city to life. With monsters and foes lurking in the alleys, these encounters offer a glimpse beyond the surface façade of the city, allowing players to engage in the social and political complexities of Port Nyanzaru.
  • Encounters in the Savage Cities broadens the scope of urban adventures within the campaign. Recognizing that danger and intrigue aren’t limited to the jungles, this resource introduces encounters that highlight the darker underbelly of civilization. With 26 encounters and mini-adventures, this offers new creatures, a new background, and VTT compatible maps.
  • Venturing out of the city requires Encounters in the Jungles of Chult, where adventurers will find themselves amidst a verdant expanse teeming with dangers. This supplement enriches the jungle exploration with encounters ranging from treacherous terrain and predatory beasts to ancient ruins potentially filled with loot.

Together, these dynamic encounter supplements ensure that the world of Tomb of Annihilation is alive with opportunities for adventure, danger, and discovery. They provide Dungeon Masters with the tools to craft a rich, immersive experience, whether navigating urban landscapes or braving untamed wilds.

Monstrous Challenges

The jungles of Chult are infamous for their deadly inhabitants and treacherous landscapes. To survive the perilous expedition in Tomb of Annihilation, adventurers must face a myriad of monsters lurking in the shadows. These resources provide Dungeon Masters with tools to bring the terror and thrill of these confrontations to life.

  • Drax’s Deadly Plants of Chult unveils the hidden dangers of Chult’s flora, introducing a collection of 50 deadly jungle plants. These botanical menaces add a new dimension to the jungle’s dangers, from carnivorous flowers to toxic fungi, turning the very environment into a formidable opponent.
  • Beasts of the Jungle Rot is a detailed compendium of Chult’s deadliest creatures, undead dinosaurs. This guide expands the roster of undead adversaries to make the jungle even more perilous with these formidable beasts.
  • Acererak’s Guide to Lichdom provides insights into the campaign’s primary antagonists. With new actions and traits, unique liches, magic items, traps, and lairs, you can go beyond just Acererak and expand your campaign with more masters of darkness.
  • The Monster Loot – Tomb of Annihilation guide provides a treasure trove of unique loot for vanquishing the myriad foes adventurers will encounter. This resource enriches every encounter in the main book, offering creative and thematic loot appropriate for the campaign.


The journey through the dense jungles of Chult is a perilous one, filled with deadly traps, treacherous ruins, and creatures that embody the very essence of danger. Tomb of Annihilation may offer a complex story, yet with the right preparation and resources, the rewards of this campaign are immeasurable.

This blog post has introduced a ton of resources designed to enhance the Tomb of Annihilation experience. From detailed maps that chart a course through the unexplored wilderness to comprehensive guides that delve into the lore and secrets of Chult, these tools are invaluable for any party daring enough to face the horrors of the tomb. Character options, additional adventures, and dynamic encounters further enrich the campaign, offering new ways to engage with the story and its world.

We encourage you to utilize these resources to their fullest potential. Whether it’s by adding depth to the narrative with expanded lore, enhancing gameplay with new monsters and challenges, or simply ensuring that every step into the jungle is as immersive as possible. With the right preparation and a brave heart, the Tomb of Annihilation is a conquest to be remembered.

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