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The Best Books for Running A Phandelver Campaign

Welcome, adventurers to one of Dungeons & Dragons’ most cherished introductory campaigns, Lost Mine of Phandelver. This fan-favourite adventure is now expanded into the full-fledged campaign book Phandelver: Below The Shattered Obelisk. It is not merely a continuation but an enrichment of the Phandelver saga, taking the foundational experience of battling goblins and uncovering ancient magics and propelling it into the depths of ancient ruins. This expansion offers Dungeon Masters and players alike a chance to continue their journey in the Forgotten Realms, exploring new dimensions of a story beloved

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Everything You Need To Run Rime of the Frostmaiden

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is thrilling adventure that beckons players to the icy expanse of the Forgotten Realms. This campaign, known for its mysterious atmosphere and bone-chilling challenges, is set against the backdrop of the Realms’ most frigid wilderness. Adventurers confront the haunting secrets of the frost-covered landscape, navigate the intrigues of its frostbitten communities, and contend with the ever-looming threat posed by the Frostmaiden herself, a deity shrouded in mystery. Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is a narrative-rich expedition that explores the tundras of the far

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Doomed Forgotten Realms: A Complete Guide

The Forgotten Realms offers many different campaign settings that present stories of heroism, magic, and adventure. Yet, what if we explored the stories of a world undone. The Doomed Forgotten Realms series unveils such a world, a post-apocalyptic vision of the Realms where the forces of evil have triumphed, and the heroes we once knew have either fallen or failed to answer destiny’s call. This series presents a unique twist on the classic setting, inviting us to explore the remnants of a world where darkness has won. Post-Apocalyptic Adventures in

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Out of the Abyss: The Ultimate DM’s Guide

Out of the Abyss invites adventurers to explore the vast, subterranean world known as the Underdark—a place where darkness reigns eternal and the line between friend and foe blurs amidst the cavernous landscapes. From the moment adventurers step into this underground labyrinth, they are thrust into a plot that intertwines the fates of infamous demon lords with their own. With each step the stakes rise, as does the realization that escaping this dark place won’t save the world. What lies ahead is a struggle to prevent the chaos of the

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The Best Books For Surviving the Tomb of Annihilation

Tomb of Annihilation sends adventurers to the uncharted, treacherous jungles of Chult, a land filled with mystery and danger. An insidious death curse grips the world, tracing its malignant roots to Chult’s darkest recesses. This curse, a malevolent force that causes resurrection magic to cease to function, propels heroes into a desperate, urgent quest. They must navigate a verdant labyrinth teeming with ancient evils and forgotten ruins to find a cure before the sands of time slip away, condemning souls to an eternal demise. The Legacy of Tomb of Annihilation

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The Best Books For Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus is a harrowing journey from the cobblestone alleys of Baldur’s Gate to the fiery depths of Hell itself. This Dungeons & Dragons campaign offers a unique blend of urban intrigue and cosmic warfare, with a sinister plot that begins in the shadows of Baldur’s Gate. Players find themselves on a collision course with destiny, embarking on a quest that will lead them into the heart of the Blood War—the eternal battle between devils and demons raging in the infernal realm of Avernus. The Road to Hell Descent

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