10 Magic Rings for 5e Fantasy



A collection of magic items for 5e!

Wield mystic power at your fingertips! Explore ancient lore and mystery with 10 Magic Rings! These rings are designed to captivate and inspire, each one encapsulating a unique story and magic powers to amp up your game!

This product contains 10 spectacular rings range from Common to Artifact, and everything between, including:

  • Emerald Sovereign: A legendary elven artifact imbued with radiant power, allowing the wearer to command radiant energy, summon a green greatsword, and unleash a devastating wave of light.
  • Ring of the Radiance: A beautifully crafted ring that confers fire immunity, allows the summoning of a fiery phoenix spirit, and enables you to engulf enemies in radiant energy.
  • Ring of the Seven Sages: A unique ring trapping the spirits of seven sages, providing wisdom, foresight, and granting the wearer unparalleled insight into the past and future.
  • Scalekeeper’s Ring: A dragon-infused ring that offers fire resistance, grants ability to breathe fire, and the ultimate power to transform into a young red dragon.

Unleash the power of the ancients and delight your players with surprise as you reveal the secrets these 10 Magic Rings hold!


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