1d100 Sci-Fi Cargo Loads


Embark on an adventure as a master of interstellar trade with 1d100 Sci-Fi Cargo Loads!

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This essential guide is designed for fans of interstellar commerce and adventure. It contains a trove of trade opportunities that can seamlessly blend into any sci-fi universe, regardless of genre.

  • Discover a galaxy of opportunities with 100 curated cargo items, each assigned a value in credits. From practical tools like zero-gravity ore separators to rare and mysterious finds such as contraband memory chips or magnetar crystals, this guide offers opportunities for every trader.
  • Engage in negotiations for exotic void pearls harvested from the cores of gas giants, or broker deals for ancient cultural artifacts unearthed from the Cygnus constellation.
  • Perfect for plotting a high-stakes trade mission, weaving intricate story quests, or embarking on daring salvage operations. Each item in the collection is a potential plot points, mission objectives, and sources of conflict and opportunity.

With 1d100 Sci-Fi Cargo Loads, you have the power to shape the economic landscape of your sci-fi universe. Use these cargos to challenge players, create alliances, spark rivalries, and build an immersive world where trade is as thrilling as any battle.

Add this essential collection to your RPG arsenal today and take the first step into a universe filled with trade and intrigue!


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