1d100 Sci-Fi Industry Titans


Navigate the complex web of influence and ambition with 1d100 Sci-Fi Industry Titans!

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This collection profiles 100 of the most influential and enigmatic figures in the galaxy, each shaping the future in their own way. It’s a toolkit for creating a richly layered narrative full of intrigue, power struggles, and hidden agendas. Incorporate these titans into your campaign and watch as your players navigate the complexities of interstellar industry and politics.

  • From Luca Bianchi, the holographic celebrity with a passion for education, to Lena Schmidt, the asteroid mining magnate with questionable ethics, this guide offers a diverse range of characters, each with unique backgrounds, motives, and resources.
  • Each titan’s profile includes not only their public persona but also hidden agendas and secrets. Discover Kwame Mensah’s control over planetary defence systems, Olivia Petrova’s mysterious wealth source in space exploration, and Jane Feingold’s personal quest intertwined with advanced cybernetics.
  • Use these titans as allies, adversaries, or complex characters whose paths intersect with your players. Engage your players with missions involving interstellar music label moguls, synthetic atmosphere engineers, or private security firm owners with hidden motives.
  • Challenge your players to navigate the moral grey areas presented by these titans. Will they side with Clara Rodriguez, the vaccine development tycoon prioritizing profitable markets, or confront the hazardous material schemes of Kwesi Abban?
  • Seamlessly introduce these titans into any sci-fi RPG setting, whether it’s a space opera, cyberpunk thriller, or interstellar exploration saga. Each character is designed to fit into different scenarios and campaign styles.
  • Beyond individual encounters, use these titans to shape entire sectors of your universe. Their actions and decisions can influence economies, politics, and the fate of entire planets.

Explore a universe where the actions of powerful individuals ripple across galaxies. Add 1d100 Sci-Fi Industry Titans to your collection today!


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