1d100 Sci-Fi Quests


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Unleash your imagination with 1d100 Sci-Fi Quests – the ultimate companion for every busy Game Master, Referee, or Warden.

This indispensable tool is your shortcut to creating captivating and immersive sci-fi RPG sessions, sure to keep your players at the edge of their seats. Our 48-page A5 zine serves as a veritable cornucopia of 100 unique quest ideas.

Crafted with versatility in mind, these quests are adaptable to any sci-fi subgenre you’re venturing into, from the stark grittiness of cyberpunk to the interstellar grandeur of space operas. Epic space battles, high-stakes heists, enigmatic conspiracies, and perilous political undertakings – we’ve curated a plethora of scenarios to enrich your gaming experience.

Practicality meets creativity with 1d100 Sci-Fi Quests, making it a breeze to carry your trove of ideas to every gaming session. These quests are not just abundant, they’re also designed to be flexible and open-ended, allowing for easy customization to suit your campaign and cater to your players’ distinct tastes. Plus, this book also includes a free bonus, with 1d100 Sci-Fi Rumours!

Whether you’re in need of a brisk side quest to spice up your session or plotting an intricate campaign arc, this zine is your ideal resource. Embellished with 15 striking pieces of black and white artwork, this zine is crafted to stoke the fires of your creativity and ensure your well of inspiration never runs dry.

For the Game Master who values both memorable experiences and efficient preparation, 1d100 Sci-Fi Quests is a must-have. This zine is your key to creating engaging and riveting sci-fi RPG campaigns that will have your players eager for more!


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