1d100 Space Anomalies


Explore the uncharted cosmos with 1d100 Space Anomalies, a collection of mysterious and extraordinary phenomena.

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Make the depths of space a little less empty. With 1d100 Space Anomalies, every sector becomes a gateway to new quests, mysteries, and encounters. These anomalies aren’t just passive encounters. They can alter ships’ courses, affect crew members’ minds, or even reshape the fabric of space-time around them, offering dynamic challenges and opportunities for player interaction.

  • From stars communicating in universal mathematical languages to interdimensional fissures and ancient cosmic devices, discover 100 unique space anomalies that will intrigue and challenge your players.
  • Offer your players the chance to decode surreal messages from an asteroid, align floating obelisks to reveal ancient civilizations, or explore the remnants of spaceborne ruins orbiting in precise formation.
  • Navigate the perils of a ‘sleeping’ black hole, evade the automated defences of a drifting ancient warship, or survive the effects of a nebula that amplifies psychic abilities.
  • Allow your players to marvel at a planet-sized quantum computer, witness the beauty of a black hole’s accretion disk, or encounter a species of space-faring creatures that feed on cosmic radiation.
  • Designed to seamlessly fit into any sci-fi RPG setting, these anomalies can be used as central plot points, mysterious backdrops, or unexpected twists in your campaign’s narrative.

This product is a tool to inspire wonder, provoke questions, and drive your sci-fi campaigns into the unknown. Whether you aim to awe your players with the beauty of the cosmos, challenge them with its mysteries, or terrify them with its dangers, this guide is an indispensable resource for any Game Master.

Add 1d100 Space Anomalies to your RPG toolkit today and unlock the full potential of your adventures among the stars.


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