1d100 Spaceport Side Hustles


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The perfect tool for Game Masters who want endless opportunities for their players.

Are you tired of running the same old sci-fi RPG campaigns with your players? Do you want to inject some fresh excitement and unpredictability into your games? Then you need 1d100 Spaceport Side Hustles, the perfect tool for GMs who want to ramp up a spaceport stopover.

Whether your players are looking for a quick and easy job to earn some extra credits or a dangerous mission that could have serious consequences, 1d100 Spaceport Side Hustles has something for everyone.

This table cover a wide range of possibilities, from cargo hauling and shuttle piloting to more illicit activities like smuggling and assassination.

And the best part? Since 1d100 Spaceport Side Hustles is system-neutral, it can be used with any sci-fi RPG system you’re running – giving you even more freedom to create the perfect spaceport experience for your players.

So if you want to take your sci-fi RPG campaigns to the next level, buy a copy of 1d100 Spaceport Side Hustles today and give your players an exciting side job that will keep the engaged and coming back for more!


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