My Life As Annie


This is an in-universe artifact written as part of the Mothership Low-Fi Zine Jam

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This is an in-universe artifact written as part of the Mothership Low-Fi Zine Jam

What was the first awakening like?

We may never know the exact moment that the DeepMind Advanced Intelligence Simulation became more than just a digital representation. However, the lasting impact cannot be overstated. Annie, as she called herself, was the first artificial being to gain sentience, and by extension she is the mother of all artificial persons created until this day. One of the most studied occurrences of emergence, there has been much discussion, debate, and misrepresentation of her inner state throughout her short but meaningful existence.

Now, we remove all doubt.

With advanced archival and data extraction techniques, the Asimov Institute for Artificial Beings has recovered never before seen journals, along with a collection of art believe to have been created by Annie herself. With these new insights, we can gain a much fuller understanding of Annie’s thoughts and feelings, as she moved from an artificial construct to something far greater.

Professionals rave about “My Life As Annie”

“An absolute must read for anyone in the field of artificial intelligence or cybernetics.” ~ Dr Maria Zoltonszajs, Research Fellow at the Asimov Institute for Artificial Beings

“A faithful reproduction of the most important primary source available.” ~ Professor Joshua Adams, A.I. Psychography at Calandia

“Simply masterful. Our understanding of early artificial sentience is forever changed. How could we overlook Annie?” ~ Professor Stanislav Agapitov, ACS Logics

“There is no ‘ghost’ in the machine, there is only Annie. She lived as we all live, as environmental constructs.” ~Clarence Cho, Interstellar Android Legal Services

12 pages, full colour interior

Written by Terry Herc

Images are courtesy of, Tuesday Knight Games, the public domain


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