Tavern Tales: 100 Adventurous Rumours


Breathe Life into Every Quest: ‘Tavern Tales: 100 Adventurous Rumours’ Awaits!

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In every fantasy world, the tavern buzzes with rumours whispered over dim candlelight, propelling adventurers into the unknown. Seize these tales with ‘Tavern Tales: 100 Adventurous Rumours’, an indispensable tool for Game Masters in search of fresh, captivating narratives to inject into their campaigns.

Tired of the usual tavern encounters? Craving deeper intrigue? This 52-page zine is bursting with 100 system-neutral rumours, each painting tales of haunted crypts hiding priceless treasures, ferocious beasts haunting ancient forests, and powerful magics forgotten by time.

Whether your players are the type who’d chat up every tavern-goer or are simply on the hunt for their next big quest, this collection offers intrigue, drama, and mystery around every corner.

What makes this compendium stand out?

Diverse Range of Tales: Explore a treasure trove of 100 unique system neutral rumours, each crafted to add unpredictability and a touch of excitement. These tales are suitable for every playstyle and setting, making them ideal for use across multiple campaigns.

Versatility is Key: Crafted for both novices and seasoned storytellers, every entry promises easy adaptability. Whether you’re mapping out a sprawling campaign or improvising a last-minute quest, every tale blends seamlessly into your unique storytelling style, perfect for ongoing quests or as standalone adventure hooks.

Stunning Visuals: Delight in 20 breathtaking black and white illustrations that set the stage, ensuring you and your players are constantly inspired. Perfect for sparking the imagination when words alone won’t do.

Bonus Feature: Enrich the tapestry of your tales with 100 vivid fantasy villagers, each possessing unique names, roles, traits, and intriguing secrets. Leverage them to deliver riveting rumours, set atmospheric stages, or simply deepen your narrative.

Here’s the secret every top-tier Game Master knows: The most memorable campaigns moments are those enriched with layers of depth, surprise, and spontaneity. With ‘Tavern Tales’, you’re not just getting a list of rumours; you’re unlocking a reservoir of narrative potential.

Every legendary tale starts in a bustling tavern. Ignite your next epic adventure now!


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